California Eviction Service

Serving selected areas of San Bernardino  county since 1980

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California Eviction Service was started in 1980 by Pamela Beachtel Bible. She is bonded and registered with San Bernardino county as an Unlawful Detainer Assistant, county registration number 2.

California Eviction Service assists landlords who wish to file eviction proceedings without an attorney in Civil Court. We provide and prepare the correct forms for eviction procedures in San Bernardino county.  We type papers solely from the information provided by the owners or property managers. Due to the fact that we do not have an attorney on staff, we cannot give any legal advice, however we can give you a basic idea of the procedure involved.

Evictions consist of four separate steps.   Our approach is charge for each of these steps separately as needed.  The total cost on each eviction can vary  depending on how much work we will actually do. Usually the steps include typing the correct forms, filing the documents with the Court Clerk, and having them served by a registered Process Server of Sheriff.

 We realize that every day during an eviction is important. Any time delays can cause the owner both loss of rent and in some cases damage to the property cause by vindictive tenants. We try to minimize this by handling your eviction as efficiently as possible.

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